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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Sky-High Family Saga

Shoot for the MoonThe death of a child may tear a family apart and it takes a strong one to weather the storms of  grief and recrimination that surely follow.

And so it is with the characters featured in Shoot for the Moon, a tightly packaged double family saga that traces the intertwined lives and fortunes of British and European immigrants to the United States and how their  dogged perseverance ensures they reach the top of their chosen professions despite the many obstacles they face.

The book is the creation of US-born writer Warren Sanford Lee, who is a fellow member of the Karmiel Writers’ Club in the Galilee, Israel and who, most sadly, writes from personal experience of parental bereavement.

The story’s main character is an unlikely – but we are assured physically possible -  pint-sized basketball star turned lawyer who  - height aside - is outrageously successful in everything he does.

As the  storyline includes two set piece courtroom dramas, deftly handled sex scenes and politicking in very high places, I guess this, Lee’s first novel. will gain a wide and warm readership.

** Shoot for the Moon: a Novel: The Charles Beasley Story is available from Amazon on Kindle ($4.99; £3.50; NIS 19.77) and paperback ($16.99; £11.93; NIS 67.30).

© Natalie Wood (31 January 2016)

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