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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Saturday Night Irish Fever – In Haifa!

Plans for the opening night of the new branch of Patrick’s Irish Pub in Kiryat Biyalik, Haifa must still be under wraps.
But whatever else is ‘on tap’, I suggest the manager include Mystery of the Dance, as striking and engaging a piece of ballet as you’ll enjoy anywhere on our planet! 

We saw the show on Saturday night, barely minutes away from the shopping mall at a packed Kiryat Motzkin theatre when creator and soloist Yair Werdyger led his polished troupe through an hour and ten minutes of non-stop fabulous dance, accompanied by a solo violinist and a pop songstress to help keep up the pace. 

Let’s face it, even when an Israeli is involved, it’s difficult to give Irish dance a Jewish ‘spin’. But we have to believe the leprechaun who penned the show’s website notes when he explains that the plot tells the story of two friends who attempt to get to the heart of the mysteries of the universe while battling forces of good and evil. No wonder the ‘baddie’ wears a dark, swirling cape while the ‘goodie’ is helped on and off with a snazzy white jacket that the young John Travolta would have envied.   

The show’s music was written by composer, Alon Kaplan, whose love of Irish music began when he visited Ireland in 2012. 

He and Werdyger, also founder of the Israel Academy of Irish Dance, have collaborated for the past two years. 

© Natalie Wood (03 January 2016)

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