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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Coco Lite!

I am convinced that the major self-publishing companies are wholly honourable and while their services are not cheap they wish to do their best for their client- writers.

So believe them when they warn that the reading public does judge a book by its cover.

Moreover, unless debut self-published authors are from professional writing backgrounds, they should invest in reliable proofing and editing services.

COCOI thought about this for the umpteenth time on trying to review **Coco's Story - The Early Years  by Tomás Berlín who has produced six very striking covers for his mystery crime series but who has given himself and potential readers vast editorial problems to solve. I appeal to him to go no further with current production plans but to employ the type of professional help I suggest.

** Coco’s Story – The Early Years is available at Amazon on Kindle ($3.99); Paperback ($14.25).

© Natalie Wood (16 July 2017)

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