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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Super Recipes from a Super Doc!

Dr Taz Bhatia I first learned about social anxiety only very recently but have since seen it mentioned increasingly often, mainly in reference to women’s mental health.

Indeed general anxiety is among disorders cited in Superwoman RX **, a healthcare book for women based on integrative medicine. It is by US-based Dr Tasneem Bhatia who aims to ‘solve and heal’ the root cause of patients’ complaints rather than simply to manage and control them by traditional medication.

Super Woman RX She maintains: “The reason that the majority of health solutions fail is that they are given as a blanket prescription”. So her patients are treated as unique individuals by being split into five whimsically-titled ‘power types’ and then given health-driven lifestyle solutions as appropriate.

I appreciate what Dr Bhatia achieves but doubt that her methods suit everyone.

After all, the women who suffer most from the many medical conditions she treats would never see her. As they are among the poorest in society, I suggest they could ill-afford an initial consultation, let alone Dr Taz’s suggested food and exercise regimens that surely require a comfortable income and the luxury of time to enjoy them.

* I received an advanced copy of Super Woman RX in exchange for an honest review.

** Super Woman RX is available on Amazon @ $9.99 (Kindle) and $16.60 (hardcover).

© Natalie Wood (14 September 2017)

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