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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Real Raiders of the Lost Ark(s)!

The location of the lost treasures of the ancient biblical temples is an endless source of fascination for theologians, historians, amateur sleuths and of course legions of movie fans!

Lost Temple TreasuresNow a new explorer has hit the long winding road in the shape of Binyomin Terebelo whose Trail of the Lost Temple Treasures: The Ark and the Vessels ** is a short work that he describes as an ‘atlas’ with pictures illustrating “a search for the possible locations of the lost vessels from the Jewish temples. Each picture,” he writes in his introduction “depicts a different location along the trail with a brief caption describing its significance”.

The vessels in Terebelo’s book are claimed to include those from the original Tabernacle used in Sinai, the first temple built by King Solomon and the second, started by Ezra the Scribe, renovated by the Maccabees and augmented by King Herod.

The author cites three major Arks of the Covenant plus additional ‘temporary’ arks used throughout history. He claims also that the vessels on his trail may be found in different places worldwide, ranging from the church in Axum, Ethiopia to the Louvre in Paris, the Museum of Baghdad and the British Museum, London.

“The remaining treasures”, writes Terebelo “were found by individual treasure hunters and are scattered in many different locations selling in auctions to the highest bidder”.

Terebelo intends expanding on his research in a further book yet to be released.

** Trail of the Lost Temple Treasures: The Ark and the Vessels by Binyomin Terebelo is available from Amazon on Kindle ($0.00) and Paperback ($9.99).

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