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Friday, 16 February 2018

A Beautiful Bug Has a Ball

AsEMPRESS Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne announce their defiant intention to visit Israel, I’m dropping by with news of how a chance meeting with ‘the King’ changes the life of a smart gal down Texas way …

But hang on: If you even half believe the yarn spun by the ‘Empress of Bug Tussle’, then you’re likely to fall for the one about how I’d host the Osbournes for a full British afternoon tea – if only they did ‘posh’.

I’m unsure why it takes two people to write one short story, but co-authors Philip C. Elrod and Linda J. Elrod have dedicated theirs to a ‘real’ queen bee whom they do not identify simply to preserve her privacy.

How sweet!

The Empress of Bug Tussle is available from Amazon

on Kindle @ $0.99.

© Natalie Wood (16 February 2018)

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