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Monday, 20 August 2018

Present – but Not Involved!

Moshe KoninskySo far as I’m aware, Moshe Koninsky is the Karmiel city councillor best known for conducting a very public private war with Rina Greenberg, his arch rival in the race to be the municipality’s next mayor.

But I should know much more than anything I may glean from poor Google translations as I spent another hour last night (Sunday 19 August) at a pre-election meeting hosted  by the Kehilat Hakerem Synagogue.

However, just like UK Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn – who would hate both local candidates on principle simply because they are Israeli Jews – I may have been present – but I was not involved!

The event had been advertised as being conducted in Hebrew and English. But by the time I left not one English language word had been uttered. Then, as I began to walk through the main door, a kind individual followed, inviting me to return for a much belated English translation of what had been said.


Mr Koninsky, like Mrs Greenberg, should know that I am not an infant who may be forced to stay behind after class for a remedial lesson. I am a voter of senior years who pays her taxes and who has volunteered – that means given her time gratis - as an English language tutor, both at home and at a local school. The home tutoring role was under the aegis of the municipality. I resigned from both roles as I felt I had been treated with disrespect. It is, after all, almost Rina Greenbergproverbial that what costs nothing is worth nothing.

Mr Koninsky, Mrs Greenberg, you are both treating me – indeed all of the the small but vibrant local Anglo community - with gross disrespect by not accommodating our linguistic needs. We also have a voice and you should listen to it.

I challenge you both to have your current Hebrew and/or Russian election manifestos translated into good, crisp English and then post them either on my Facebook Timeline ( or on this blog ( in the comment box below. The first one to do this will be guaranteed my vote.

But I will not hold my breath!

© Natalie Wood (20 August 2018)

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