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Friday, 10 August 2018

Why Enough Can Never Be Enough

Mr Ivan Lewis, the perennially affable MP for Bury South, Greater Manchester from whose constituency I emigrated to Israel, has received this ‘friendly’ anonymous note:

IL AS Message_o

“Have you asked yourself why people hate the Jews? You treat the Palestinians like slaves. You kill them by the 100s, including children, You steal their land.  Now you are going to build 400 new houses on the West Bank. You love power and money more than your God. And He punished you.  I hope He will do it again. Shame on you!”

Ivan. LewisMr Lewis has responded thus on social media:

“This anonymous note arrived at my office this week. Yet more evidence of how modern antisemitism and anti-Zionism are inextricably linked. I feel anger and sadness. #EnoughIsEnough

Indeed! And enough of those fellow Jewish Israelis who have criticised people like me for showing the world what is happening to our fine UK Jewish Members of Parliament.

In this regard, enough may never be enough.

This is a REAL shame!

© Natalie Wood (10 August  2018)

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