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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Has Fascism Returned To Europe?

It takes one to know one. So when the 18th century politician and philosopher, Edmund Burke said: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing", he could well have been musing about the results of last week's elections to the European Parliament.

The reason why two racists were granted seats in Strasbourg is not because the UK has suddenly become a home to neo-Nazism but because most electors were too inert and foolish to bother finding time to vote. Shame on them.

But shame also on those anti-Fascist protestors who not only prevented Griffin a chance to exercise his democratic right to speak in public yesterday but also attacked him physically. In the words of the great Shirley Williams I also believe - sadly - in the 'Fascism of the Left'.

Nick Lowles of the anti-Fascist Hope Not Hate group says of last week:

"I keep playing the moment over and over in my head. Watching Nick Griffin - a racist Holocaust denier - taking a seat in the European elections. We were so close to stopping him - the BNP actually received less votes than they did in 2004.It is so tough to take. But now we have to deal with reality - they won two seats.

"Now we have to face down Griffin and Andrew Brons wherever they rear their heads.On 14 July Griffin and Brons will be in Strasbourg for the first sitting of the European Parliament. We'll be there as well - delivering our petition.

"Griffin won by just 1200 votes. He won because of the failure of the major political parties. He did not win through "new" support. He did not win a breakthrough victory.

"When we started this campaign I feared the BNP would win five, six or seven seats. When the expenses scandal broke the BNP said that they would win 12. But it didn't happen.That was down to our campaign. Now we need to tell the world that the BNP does not speak for Britain - that the BNP is not there in our name.

"Today is a new day - we're already regrouping and planning the campaign ahead. The BNP made a significant gain but without our collective work it could have been far worse. Now a new fight must begin".

I too would like matters to start afresh but that will happen only if, as and when anti-Fascists hold themselves aloof from the tactics of their horrible opponents. Opposite, I give readers a chance to voice their opinion. So tell me what you think!


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