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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Kuwaiti Man Denies ‘Breaking The Silence’ Claims

I’m beginning to think I’d find life much harder – and nastier – without regular updates from the super-excellent Stuart Palmer of the Israel Citizens Action Network.

Beavering away as though he’d never seen the inside of a hospital, let alone for a major illness, Stuart updates  his email groups regularly with important and often startling pieces of news relating to Israel and the  Middle East.


His latest offering  - via the Tundra Tabloids website -takes some beating:

The site, which “prides itself on ‘keeping tabs on the most outrageous happenings in the Middle East, Islamist extremism and Islamist hegemony in Scandinavia, and on the political correctness that allows them to flourish’ reported on Thursday 23 July:

“Kuwati Newspaper Runs Op-ed Supporting Israeli IDF's Version of Conduct in Operation Cast Lead:

“This has to be a first for the Tundra Tabloids, posting (the translation of) an article found in a Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Watan, that supports the Israeli version of events in Operation Cast Lead, and that dismisses the claims of the Leftist Israeli smear group "Breaking the Silence".

Abdallah al–Hadlaq writing for Al-Watan in Kuwait wrote on Sunday 19 July:

A non-governmental Israeli organisation claims that the IDF that attacked Gaza and the ostracised Hamas used local civilians as human shields and opened fire indiscriminately. The report by “Breaking the Silence” says the IDF destroyed buildings, mosques and private homes, and includes testimonies by 30 soldiers who participated in the attack on Gaza (December 27 2008 – 18 January 2009) but without revealing their names or unit affiliation.

However these allegations are to be rejected because the IDF has proved that its troops follow international law and obey orders despite the stress of battle. These testimonies lack sourcing or corroboration, thus preventing any conclusions from being drawn ...

Furthermore, it was the ostracised Hamas that caused much grief when it fired dozens of Qassam missiles at innocent civilians in the southern towns and villages of Israel. The IDF had no choice but to fight back causing the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians, half of them civilians used as human shields by Hamas, in addition to the 5,000 wounded. Israel lost just 10 soldiers and 3 civilians.

The IDF defended innocent Israeli civilians against Hamas attacks and did all it could to prevent harming any civilians, targeting just the Hamas men, to disarm them by aerial bombing, shelling, and the use of heavy tractors, while maintaining the humane principles of the IDF that seeks to win with minimal human cost to either side.

The report by “Breaking the Silence” was unfair, unbalanced, and lacking in proof, so one wonders where it was when Hamas used schools and homes for weapons storage or for missile launchers. Israeli pilots reported many secondary explosions after they hit Hamas targets. Where was that organisation when Hamas smuggled tons of illicit weapons through a network of tunnels from Egypt?”

Stuart observes: “Surely this is better than any number of communications from our own government or army sources?


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