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Friday, 17 July 2009

Looking Pretty Darned Good!

I’m nowhere pretty enough to appear on this video. So let’s just say - occasionally with a few misgivings - that I support the work of Hope Not Hate with all my heart and soul – even if it’s from a distance.

Read what organiser Nick Lowles told those who did appear:

You made this video happen - thank you so much - I think it's phenomenal. But it's bittersweet - born out of the tragedy of racists representing Britain in the European Parliament.

So please - watch the video. Share it with your friends. Get them to join us.

Be proud that tens of thousands of people across the country stood up to show their defiance against the BNP. And be ready to act so we can stop this happening ever, ever again.

In the coming weeks and months the BNP will stand in countless elections across the country. Locally and nationally they will stand on a platform of hate, division and lies. And we must stop them.

Our movement is now well over 100,000 strong. But we all need to take action - unless we do we may be facing BNP MPs in a matter of months. I'll be in contact soon with information about how you can help.

But in the meantime - watch this video and remember that if we take action - all that is bad about Britain can be fixed by all that is good about Britain.
Because we believe in
“Hope not Hate”.


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