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Saturday, 11 July 2009

OneVoice Finds The Road To Damascus!


Top Israeli actors loaned their services for two films towards OneVoice Israel’s Imagine 2018 project.

Directors Rani Blair and Eran Riklis helped to create the two ‘shorts’ featuring well-known names in the Israeli film industry.

Shooting took place during two days last month.

Tel Aviv-Damascus Express, directed by Rani Blair, is about two young people, an Israeli and a Palestinian, travelling together on a train from Tel Aviv to Damascus.


Shooting the second movie, A Soldier and a Boy with director, Eran Riklis, was also exciting for the actors’ families.

Abdallah Akkal, who played the boy, and Aki Avni, who played the soldier, brought their real families on to the set for a scene when an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian boy meet at a picnic.

The two children who wrote the original stories on which the films were based were invited to watch production and were amazed to see their ideas come to life. All the actors and directors involved in the filming agreed to join OneVoice, together with OneVoice's International Entertainment Council.

**  OneVoice is an international mainstream grassroots movement which aims to amplify the voice of Israeli and Palestinian moderates and seeks a two-state solution to the M.E. conflict. It has many celebrities among its international supporters.


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