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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Stop The Hate-Marchers In Their Tracks

Nick.GriffinIs this the acceptable face of Fascism?

In a few weeks time, football hooligans, far right extremists, Jew-haters and Islamophobes will descend on Luton with one simple goal - to whip up fear, religious tension and violence.  And you won't be surprised to hear that the BNP are involved.

I've sent a message to the people who can stop this violent gathering - the Home Secretary Alan Johnson and Bedfordshire's Chief Constable Gillian Parker calling on them to stop the protest.  It will take you less than a minute to send a message - all you need to do is click here:

Readers accustomed to my writing style will appreciate that I did not compose the above message and have simply  edited it slightly so I may help publicise the cause. It doesn’t matter. I share the sentiments of “Hope Not Hate” in every possible way so long as those involved do not themselves become violent.


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