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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

More Pieces of Hate From ‘Merrie England’ …


I’ve pasted this directly from the BBC News England Manchester UK Edition. The audio link is below.

'Sickening' 999 Call in Robbery

A woman made a desperate 999 call as masked men wielding baseball bats and a machete burst into her bedroom and attacked her in Manchester.

As she screamed down the phone for help the robbers attacked both her and her partner at their home in Fallowfield.

They were woken up by their attackers just after 0600 BST on Monday.

She was hit over the head twice and he was smashed in the face during the robbery, which they likened to a scene out of the horror film, The Shining.

Two boys and one girl, all aged 16, have been arrested and remain in police custody.

Det Sgt Scott Halsall, Greater Manchester Police said: Anyone listening to this 999 call will feel sick to the stomach - you can hear the terror in her voice

The victim, a 27-year-old woman, can be heard screaming "we haven't got anything in here" to the robbers as they battered the door down.

The offenders then tell them to get down as her partner shouts "the keys are on the counter".

After battering their victims, the gang stole the keys and fled in the couple's VW Golf TDI, which was found abandoned on nearby Ellesmere Street two hours later.

Det Sgt Scott Halsall said: "Anyone listening to this 999 call will feel sick to the stomach - you can hear the terror in her voice.

"The victims are a normal, hard-working couple, and these thugs brought shocking violence direct into their home.

"The amount of terror used was above and beyond what was necessary for them to steal the car.

"I hope that any of their associates listening to this audio realise the seriousness of the offence and do the right thing - call us."


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