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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Israeli And Kosher – Two More Good Reasons to Shop At Morrisons

Yesterday I did my weekly shop at Morrisons Supermarket, in Whitefield, Bury and spent more than £60.00.

The store includes a good range of vegetarian products and three reasonably useful kosher sections (dry goods, frozen and chilled). I don’t buy from those often as I make a lot of home-made basics and often use goods carrying a Vegetarian Society label of approval rather than one bearing a rabbinical seal, no matter its provenance.

Never mind! I do not want to learn that either the company or its Whitefield branch has succumbed to the latest Palestinian Solidarity Campaign boycott campaign against itself and Waitrose  earmarked for the week starting Saturday November 07.

The excellent Stuart Palmer of ICAN (the Israel Citizens Action Network) writes:

“As usual the PSC picks a weekend for these actions knowing that the religious community is not likely to be around. Thus I call upon all our Christian Friends of Israel to help.

“Wednesday November 11 is planned to be a phone- in day so all can help to counter this.

Inaction results in being “walked over”; let this not happen”.

This coincides with a week of action called by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign I don’t think it’s appropriate to repeat the PSC’s fantastically Goebellian lies here.

However, From Saturday November 7 to Sunday November 15, the PSC and other organisations across the UK intend to target Waitrose and Morrisons supermarkets “in particular, as both refuse to discuss the question of settlement goods” and aim “to inundate them with calls to their HQs on Wednesday  November 11.   Note these numbers:
Morrisons Customer Services – 0845 611 6111
Waitrose Customer Services - 0800 188 884”.

Thank you, Messrs PSC, I certainly will, but only to tell them to keep up the marvellous work of not being intimidated by the likes of you.

  • My one disappointment at Morrisons,  last night was  that at the check-out Brian and I were served by a friendly young man we’d never previously met. No offence to him, but I do so like the sweet young lady who invariably serves us on a Sunday morning. She is a strict Muslim but that does not stop her treating us with the greatest and warmest courtesy – kosher, Israeli products ‘n’all!


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