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Monday, 19 October 2009

The Use and Abuse of ‘Tolerance’

As (above) Israeli Jews, Muslims, Christians and a Darfur refugee refute claims of racism in Israel, thus demonstrating the tolerance that characterises  multicultural Israeli society, I show below how ‘islamo-fascists’ abuse their freedom of speech in democratic  Britain.

Geert Wilders -  like Israeli Premier Bibi Netanyahu – is somewhat too right-wing for my tastes. But the handsome, urbane and polished Dutch MP has a full heart and it’s certainly in the right place!

Last week,  Wilders was allowed back into Britain having overturned a previous ban. While in London, he called the decision to allow him to return a "victory for freedom of speech". But as he arrived, he faced noisy protests from Muslims who claimed he is a preacher of hate.  While condemning his treatment in the strongest possible terms   I am forced to note: “It takes a hate monger to know one”.


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