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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) 2012

The wicked ironies insist on piling up. On the day I post this clip, comes news that the US Nazi party has registered its first lobbyist in Washington.

John Bowles says he won’t “go in and shove a swastika in their face … I use a very careful and objective approach.”  Good to know, eh?

Small wonder  that a growing number of Jews are attempting to turn Israel’s Yom Hashoa activities into a religious occasion.

Senior Masorti Movement rabbi, David Golinkin has suggested that the day may also have a religious character to give it yet more impact. Ideas include fasting  - similar to the way other solemn days are marked in the Jewish calendar – along with the reading of a specially written Shoah Scroll. This modern megilla (scroll) was devised by the American Conservative Movement and had its first public reading in Toronto, Canada in April 2003.

Meanwhile, just watch the video and weep.

God bless!


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