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Friday, 15 July 2016

From His Lips …!


Marsha Kolman introduces Yisrael Ne'eman at last night's packed ESRA Karmiel meeting.

Mr Ne'eman, an Israel-based historian and political analyst was promoting his latest book, Hamas Jihad: Antisemitism, Islamic World Conquest and Manipulation of Palestinian Nationalism.




Ne’eman’s theme proved all too apt as even as he spoke, France's Bastille Day celebrations had been hijacked by yet another  jihadi terrorist attack in which a Tunisian truck driver slaughtered more than 80 people and left many more injured.


The coincidence resonated with me, as only last month I learned of the terror attack at the Tel Aviv shopping mall after returning home from a Nefesh B’Nefesh-hosted event in Nahariya where I had heard a first-hand account of a terrorist murder there in the 1970s.

Plus ça change!

© Natalie Wood (15 July 2016)

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