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Friday, 8 July 2016

White Hats - and Grey ....

Social Engineer (Deep Web Thriller, #0)Social Engineer by Ian  Sutherland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Brody Taylor is a ‘white hat’. Not the type who once appeared in gung-ho Hollywood westerns but a good guy who drives a Smart Fortwo coupé, sprays flash drives like bullets and causes high ranking executives to smash posh fountain pens in boardroom brawls.

Taylor is indeed a very modern cowboy – a so-called ‘ethical’ computer hacker who works as a freelance penetration tester, examining companies’ computer security systems by gaining access to them under cover; then explaining how, so allowing senior personnel to improve their I.T. security before it is compromised in fact.

Taylor may have some roguish charm but he’s not altogether nice, forgetting that while he may deceive and mislead strangers in order to discover their company’s frailties, that’s not the way he should treat the woman he loves.

So much is the plot of Social Engineer, written by independent author, Ian Sutherland as a short prequel to his first thriller, Invasion of Privacy.

Although a long-time London resident, Sutherland was born in the remote Scottish highlands and I suggest that something, somewhere inside his head still yearns to break free – even if it’s via the murky netherworld of the ‘Deep Web’ made up of encrypted websites whose users surf with total anonymity for everything that’s bad. Now read on ...
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