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Sunday, 25 September 2016

She Performs, She Prays …


ANNA.02There must be precious few secular  musicians  invited to lead synagogue prayers.

But this happened last night  in Karmiel, Galilee when vocalist and guitarist, Anna Jagielska-Riveiro took part in a prayer service following a 60-minute solo recital at Kehillat Hakerem Masorti Congregation.

Riveiro was invited to perform and then help to lead prayers by the community’s rabbi, Dr Gil Nativ as they had become friends when he served the Beit Warszawa Liberal Synagogue in Warsaw, Poland.

aNNA.01Riveiro, also a voice coach and music producer, accompanied herelf on a mix of instruments including guitar and tambourine, while she treated the enthusaistic crowd to a range of Ladino – Judeo-Spanish melodies. These proved especially popular with fans who have emigrated to Israel from Spanish-speaking South America.


© Natalie Wood (25 September 2016)

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