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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Been There; Done That’ Not Allowed to Wear the T-Shirt!

We had to make two trips to our local polling station in Rabin, Karmiel in order to cast our votes in today’s 2018 Israeli Local Elections.

The reason?

MK08We had left home sporting our freshly laundered Moshe Koninsky t-shirts and were told we would not be allowed inside the building unless we wore plain tops.

But it was worth the ten minute return trip as once back, it was delightful to see so many people with a holiday from work queuing (yes, you read that right: Israelis forming a well-mannered queue!) to cast their votes: one each for Karmiel’s new mayor and for one of nine listed parties.

Election Day01

It was especially heartening to see so many children in the crowd; to witness their eager interest in the voting process and to learn what the different Hebrew characters on display symbolised. Indeed, a young mother immediately ahead of us in the crowd was allowed to take her two daughters inside the voting booth with her. That’s Israeli democracy.

Election Day02


© Natalie Wood (30 October 2018)

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